We are Bakers, Chefs and Philanthropists. We care about our clients and our community. We care about making beautiful food for our clients and families. We are concerned about our food source and participating in creating a sustainable environment in which we live.

Hands for Hunger

This year we are very pleased to say that we surpassed our personal goal of volunteering more than 100 hours of Food Rescue to our adopted charity Hands For Hunger. Please visit their web site to learn more about their Mission and Purpose and how food rescue helps to alleviate hunger in The Bahamas. We wear our Hands For Hunger lead Volunteer pin proudly.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Chat, Sip & Chew, our catering division,  held the second Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Doongalik Art Gallery in Nassau, Bahamas. We were able to make a donation to the Art Supply Drive which is an organization that raises funds to supply several schools annually with art supplies. At the end of the school year, the students are able to have an art gallery showing and sale of all the art created during the year. I think of it as sustainable art and artists for years to come.